INDES 167 Digital Design Tools • 2 Cr.


Uses a variety of digital design tools to demonstrate how graphic software applications and digital tools are used to enhance communication of design solutions and concepts. Includes graphic software applications, equipment and services for digital archiving, production, and printing. Structured as a workshop for students to work as much as possible at an independent pace. Prerequisite: INDES 171 with a C- or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Effectively combine text and images in electronic documents. Manage digital files for archiving and greater efficiency. Create page layouts using both conventional office and professional graphic software programs. Create digital images by drawing, painting, collage, and object-oriented tools, using a variety of manual and electronic media. Manipulate photos of existing interiors to reflect design changes. Use standard office and other graphic-based software tools to improve their visual communication throughout the design process, and in creating their individual portfolio.