INDES 263 AutoCAD for Interior Design • 3 Cr.


Introduces AutoCAD for interior designers using Windows PC platform. Students learn the fundamental two-dimensional drawing and document management skills required to use AutoCAD for graphic communication in interior design practice. Hands-on work in the computer lab familiarizes students with AutoCAD, as well as related hardware and software. Prerequisite: INDES 171 or permission of instructor. Recommended: BTS 161, similar computer basics course, or equivalent experience.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Master fundamental AutoCAD skills in preparation for further training and professional practice.
  • Produce drafted lines with appropriate thickness, opacity, and precision for presenting floor plans, elevations, section views, and detail drawings.
  • Produce orthographic presentation drawings using appropriate line, shape, texture, color, annotation.
  • Manage drawing information using layers, file naming, composition, scale, annotation, and external references.
  • Create scale drawings for multi-sheet contract documents and presentations.
  • Use computers and printers, operating system and AutoCAD software for design and graphic communication.
  • Identify and evaluate appropriate uses of AutoCADĀ in the design process.