INDES 265 Design Illustration • 5 Cr.


Introduces tools and techniques for illustrative graphic presentation of design ideas and products. Covers advanced perspective drawing methods. Students practice simple and rapid illustration techniques in various media including graphite, ink, colored pencils, marker pens, pastels, watercolor, and collage. Topics include concept and descriptive writing and production, duplication, transfer, and mounting techniques for presentation. Prerequisite: INDES 171 with a C- or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Employ visual presentation techniques for self, peers, clients, and others, and select appropriate drawing, rendering, and labeling techniques for communication of design ideas and solutions to a specific audience and the information to be conveyed.
  • Rapidly visualize concepts and preliminary design ideas, and communicate them through convincing illustrations and diagrams, using mechanical perspective methods and quick, freehand sketches or visual impressions developed in sketchbook practice.
  • Produce convincing perspective projections that illustrate interior spaces and objects, using a variety of methods (e.g., projection, grids, freehand).
  • Produce color illustrations using two- and three-dimensional projection methods and a variety of media to depict form, detail, light, shade, shadow, texture, color, etc.
  • Prepare illustrations that effectively display the relationship between color drawings and actual samples of color and materials.
  • Employ a variety of strategies for effective arrangement of visual imagery, drawings, and materials in design presentations.
  • Select appropriate mounting and display techniques for finished drawings and flat presentations, and competently execute those techniques for use in design presentations.
  • Select appropriate mounting and display techniques for samples of color, materials, and other three-dimensional presentations, and competently execute those techniques.
  • Design and produce a comprehensive visual presentation of a three-dimensional concept and space.