INDES 265 Design Illustration • 5 Cr.


Illustration techniques that visually communicate abstract and representational design ideas, using traditional and digital tools, techniques, and illustration principles for visualizing the built environment. Students apply fundamental design principles and graphic standards, and learn basic digital software skills while preparing visual content for interior design presentations. Prerequisites: INDES 169, INDES 171 and INDES 220, all with a C- or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Understand the appropriate illustration methods for visually communicating design ideas throughout various phases of the interior design process.
  • Select appropriate 2D and 3D compositions and illustration techniques to produce images of effective size and scale, color and print quality, and presentation mode.
  • Create color and achromatic illustrations that convincingly depict a three-dimensional concept of space, including scale, form, proportion, depth, light, texture, color, materiality, relevant detail, and human relationship to the built environment and landscape.
  • Use established and emerging technology (for example, raster and vector image software, 3D modeling and rendering software, VR and AR) to create and present illustrations, and augment traditional illustration practices.
  • Combine two-dimensional design fundamentals and graphic design standards with completed illustrations to visually communicate a design narrative.
  • Manage digital files with greater efficiency for archiving, production, and sharing.