INDES 340 Interior Design Theory • 3 Cr.


This class critically examines readings of influential theorists and explores various processes by which these ideas are translated by designers and other cultural interpreters. Students read and put their own thoughts into writing using reaction papers, discussion posts, and case studies.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze major historical and contemporary precedents in design and architecture, as examples of applied design theories, in order to provide useful models in the development of design.
  • Develop thinking strategies necessary to the design process such as problem solving, decision making, concept development and critical thinking
  • Analyze and evaluate which of the above thinking strategies should be used throughout the design process in order to solve a specific spatial or design problem
  • Reinforce operational knowledge of the fundamental elements and principles of design by appropriate application to the solution of design related problems
  • Understand the basics of concept development and demonstrate proficiency at concept development by applying this knowledge to specific problems and exercises
  • Demonstrate the ability to defend a conceptual design, explaining the value of the solution by verbalizing or writing clear statements that substantiate the solution and by demonstrating graphically how the concept was incorporated into the solution
  • Develop idea generation techniques and creative problem solving skills as important tools for successful design