INDES 351 Modern Interiors & Furniture • 5 Cr.


This course surveys the main characteristics and motifs of interiors and furniture from the nineteenth century to the present day. Students will examine how people, social conditions, and technology influenced interior and furniture design for each stylistic period discussed in the course. Through examination of key moments and vocabulary of design history, students will develop an appreciation for the origins, meanings, and development of design over time. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the program or permission of the instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify and compare different design styles and movements spanning from 1850 to the present day.
  • Use specific criteria to analyze how and why the built and furnished environment took the form that it did in each historic period covered in this class. (For example: what methods of construction were used, what materials were used, motifs used, innovations that developed, significant historic or political events, significant cultural, social, religious, geographic, or architectural influences, people of influence, function, and characteristics of significant design styles and/or designers.)
  • Analyze and explain the similarities and differences between design and furnishings of various periods and styles (e.g. student can compare furniture of English Arts and Crafts and French Art Nouveau)
  • Define and effectively apply vocabulary related to furniture anatomy, type, design, and construction.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of one particular designer, period or style through a research paper or project.
  • Effectively present and defend analysis of main characteristics and motifs of Western interiors and furniture from the 19th century to the present in class presentations and discussions