INDES 352 Design & Fabrication • 3 Cr.


Gives practical experience in designing and building furniture. Students combine knowledge of design theory and processes, materials, and drawings with hands-on experience in the shop. Topics include engineering basics, manufacturing processes, joinery, and finishes. Either INDES 152 or INDES 352 may be taken for credit, not both. Prerequisite: ART 108.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Sketching and Drawing
  • Produce quick (5min.) sketches expressing the essence of a furniture form.
  • Produce original drawings extracting the major features and salient design points of well-known 20th century furniture styles.
  • Identify various furniture styles, locations and resources.
  • Critique various sketches and drawings using effective communication skillsDesign Process and Materials
  • Follow a specific design process utilizing rough sketching, refined drawings, mock-ups, working drawings and cut lists.
  • Select materials and finishes linked to the appropriate use and aesthetics of the designed project and justify selection process.
  • Develop and deliver an effective oral and visual design presentation to a live audience.
  • Create a piece of furniture following the outlined design process from beginning to endAssess design process and materials selection, and develop recommendations for improvement
Shop Project
  • Demonstrate safe and efficient use of woodworking machinery and basic hand and power tools.
  • Apply effective and sound construction techniques and basic joinery
  • Construct and individually designed piece of furniture
  • Assess progress of furniture construction at different steps in the fabrication process and recommend design or construction modifications for improvement
  • Participate in the design process in a hands-on workshop environment. (e.g. student would work through a project from the initial design stages, problem solving, construction, and through completion of a finished piece of furniture.)