ISIT 334 Data Visualization Tools & Techniques • 5 Cr.


This course introduces the theory and concepts related to effective display of data with a focus on quantitative data. Students learn the principles of preparing effective visualizations and the tools to create such visualizations. Students use analytic tools to create visualizations. Prerequisite: Admission to the BAS Data Management and Analysis program and completion of BUSIT 103 with a C or better, or permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze a variety of data visualization techniques and their applicability to various scenarios
  • Analyze the characteristics of an effective data visualization
  • Select an appropriate visualization technique for a data analysis scenario
  • Create an appropriate interactive visualization for a data analysis scenario using software tools
  • Analyze the capabilities of data visualization software including analytic software, reporting software and spreadsheet software
  • Create a variety of data visualizations using analytic tools
  • Create a variety of data visualizations using reporting tools