ISIT 344 Virtualization & Storage • 5 Cr.


This course introduces and applies the concepts of design, implementation, management and troubleshooting of server virtualization, network virtualization and large storage systems. Technologies include VMware and Storage Area Networks (SAN) solutions. Prerequisite: NSCOM 202 and admission to the Cyber Security and Systems Administration concentration of the BAS IST program, or permission of the instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Install and configure ESXi
  • Install and configure vCenter Server components
  • Configure and manage ESXi networking and storage using vCenter Server
  • Deploy, manage, and migrate virtual machines
  • Describe the architecture of a Data Center environment with RAID and Intelligent Storage Systems
  • Configure and manage a SAN
  • Describe a system backup and restoration
  • Configure replication of data
  • Configure security through best practices