ISIT 491 ISIT Capstone II • 5 Cr.


Students continue their work from ISIT 490 to further develop their project work. Prerequisite: ISIT 490 with a C or better.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Integrate skills and knowledge acquired from Practicum I.
  • Review, refine and adjust a work plan.
  • Evaluate, develop and apply effective methods to manage project milestones and timelines.
  • Demonstrate advanced technical competency in completing deliverables.
  • Analyze task results, to include successes and areas for future improvement.
  • Work productively in a team environment, if applicable to task, communicating professionally with all team members.
  • Develop a professional report and presentation commensurate with the scope and complexity of the work.
  • Present information in a professional format and discuss issues as the lead facilitator.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth and integrated understanding of the complexity of information technology and systems to industry professionals.