MATH 078 Math Literacy • 7 Cr.


This is an overview of algebra in which students build math literacy skills by exploring topics including exponents, radicals, percentages, and various equations. The course emphasizes visualization, interpretation, and communication of mathematics in context. Students learn to persevere by building strategies based on algebraic skills, numerical relationships, and attention to precision. Successful completion of this course meets the prerequisite for MATH&107 and MATH 130. Prerequisites: MATH 070 with a C or higher, or MATH 075 with a grade of B or higher, or placement by assessment.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Evaluate mathematical expressions, solve formulas, and interpret the relations they represent between variables. 
  • Create linear, exponential, and quadratic models of data. 
  • Construct graphs and charts of data and algebraic models and use graphs, charts, and algebraic models to analyze real life situations and make informed decisions. 
  • Apply proportional reasoning. 
  • Explain decisions and quantitative results based on mathematical reasoning and critique the reasoning of others in context of both the problem and general real world knowledge.