MATH 150 Algebra and Trigonometry in Calculus Context • 2 Cr.


Provides additional instruction support for students taking MATH &151, focusing on precalculus skills in the context of calculus. Students will review algebra and trigonometry methods as they apply to calculus problems. This course is designed for students that are repeating MATH& 151 or who earned a C+ or below in MATH& 141 or MATH& 142. Prerequisite: Must be co-enrolled in MATH& 151.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Set up appropriate functions and expressions for use in applied calculus problems. 
  • Confidently apply algebra and trigonometry skills to components of calculus problems. 
  • Articulate the logic behind calculus procedures and interpret results in the context of calculus. 
  • Identify the combination of study techniques and test-taking strategies that they need to be successful in the calculus sequence  
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