MUSC 135 Beginning Guitar • 2 Cr.


Presents the basic skills for reading music and the techniques needed to play the guitar. Intended for students with little or no background in guitar performance. Students must supply their own ACOUSTIC guitar.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify a small sample of key signatures and play the Major scale patterns related to those key signatures.
  • Identify the basic notes on the fret board in by name and find their representation on the music staff.
  • Identify note basic rhythmic note values and play simple melodies with rhythmic accuracy. 
  • Read and perform chords indicated by chord nomenclature and tablature
  • Identify and perform music demonstrating meter and chordal rhythmic patterns accurately. 
  • Perform a small variety of strumming and picking patterns
  • Play pieces learned in class by both reading from manuscript and from memory
  • Design and implement an effective practice routine