MUSC 205 Vocal Jazz Ensemble • 3 Cr.


Develops the vocal techniques, performance, and recording skills necessary to the contemporary recording studio singer. Ensemble members are selected by audition from college choir members who have completed three quarters of MUSIC 105 or MUSC 109. May be repeated for a maximum of 9 credits. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor (audition) by entry code.


Contact Thomas Almli at or (425) 564-2089 for information about entry codes.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Refinement of all learning objectives of Music 100
  • Refinement of individual ensemble skills:
    • Independence of part singing
    • Blend
    • Stylistic interpretation
    • Score reading
    • Sight singing
    • Developing endurance for: 
      • Demands of vocal use, 
      • Demands of intense rehearsal,
      • Prolonged attention span, 
      • Physical and emotional demands of international touring
Skills in original composing and arranging Vocal jazz improvisation Greater appreciation for the uniqueness of American pop/jazz music Elements of music production: Publicity Ticket sales Promotional material Arranging Recording skill Selling oneself Managing the audience Poise and stage presence Practical survival skills of "the road" Practical experience of the recording studio Recording technique: use of mike - over-dub- singing over tracks- headphones- the mix-down Practical experience of live television Make-up Intensification of television performance Movement Affective ambassadorship for self, school, community and country Gaining a practical appreciation for other cultures Establishing the highest possible standard of personal performance integrity