NDT 120 Intermediate EEG Skills • 3 Cr.


Continuing study of the field of EEG and its use in medicine and surgery. Emphasizes: patient hook-up, history taking, and handling of patients. Technical principles in actual operation of a laboratory are introduced in the classroom and applied in the clinical area of EEG. Previously ENDT 120. Either ENDT 120 or NDT 120 may be taken for credit, but not both. Prerequisite: NDT 119.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Compile patient history to help enhance the quality of performing an EEG
  • Establish rapport with patient and patient's family
  • Perform technical criteria for recording an EEG
  • Document all pertinent information on EEG recording
  • Perform standard activation procedures according to ACNS guidelines
  • Remove electrodes and clean patient's head and set-up room for next patient