NMTEC 190 Introduction to Nuclear Medicine Technology • 2 Cr.


This course introduces the student to the Bellevue College Nuclear Medicine Technology program. It includes three days of clinical orientation in a nuclear medicine department. We'll create a shared understanding of the basics of nuclear medicine practice, examine active learning techniques, and develop cohesiveness as a group. Prerequisite: Acceptance to the NMTEC program or permission of instructor. Grading: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • 1. Identify program and career goals in the field of nuclear medicine technology.  

  • 2. Describe the overall structure of the nuclear medicine technology program.  
  • 3. Delineate the different kinds of learning that are applicable to a clinical setting and how each will be demonstrated.  
  • 4. Discuss the expectations for nuclear medicine technologist students.  
  • 5. Describe at a basic level, as observed in the clinical orientation:  
  • a) several nuclear medicine imaging studies, including the radiopharmaceutical, the indications for the study, and the imaging process  
  • b) basic principles of radiation detection.  
  • c) radiation detection instruments observed, and the units for each.  
  • 6. Discuss active learning techniques.  
  • 7. Draw a concept map.  
  • 8. Build team skills. 
  • 9. Practice basic processes related to using the BC learning management system and the program's clinical tracking system.