NMTEC 210 Radiopharmacy • 1 Cr.


Studies all commonly used nuclear medicine pharmaceuticals, their preparation, indications for use, dosages, and contraindications. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • State the ideal properties of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Explain the ways in which Technetium can bind with other materials, and the implications this has for radiopharmaceutical labeling.
  • Calculate pediatric dosages for various radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Use decay charts and decay factors to pre- and post-calibrate a radiopharmaceutical dosage.
  • Explain the mechanism of uptake, biodistribution, indications, and contraindications for all radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine.
  • List any important considerations in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine.
  • State how erythrocytes and leukocytes can be labeled with radioactive materials.
  • Calculate the purity of a radiopharmaceutical preparation, given the solvent system and the counts per minute at the origin and solvent front.
  • List the regulations that pertain to radiopharmacy and misadministration of radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Explain how a Mo-99/Tc-99m generator works and the quality control measures required for each elution.