NMTEC 233 Clinical Education IV • 13 Cr.


Fourth course in a five-course clinical internship sequence. Students work toward independent function under supervision of licensed technologists. Continued advancement of skills in areas related to patient care, imaging, computer analysis, instrumentation, quality control, hot lab procedures, safety practice, and therapy procedures. Focuses are on learning multiple ways of performing procedures and thinking beyond the practices and patient populations of a single facility. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  •  In a new clinical site, demonstrate the ability to adapt to new procedures, protocols, and department rules.
  • Discuss multiple ways in which nuclear medicine procedures are performed and the rationales for differing practice.
  • Suggest a clinical diagnosis and further diagnostic testing for each study performed.
  • Discuss factors that affect nuclear medicine procedures, including contraindications, interfering medications and medical procedures, altered physiology, and improperly prepared radiopharmaceuticals.
  • Complete ten competencies at the new clinical site, excluding injection competencies already demonstrated.
  • Successfully manage the transition to the second clinical site including accomplishment of goals set at the end of the first clinical rotation, identifying and overcoming challenges, and fulfilling new professional expectations.