NMTEC 241 Radiation Biology • 1 Cr.


Discusses the potentially harmful effects of radiation on humans. Topics include the basic chemistry of radiation interactions in living cells, the effects of extensive radiation exposure, and the potential long-term effects of accumulated radiation damage. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define and correctly use the various units used to describe amounts of radiation.
  • Discuss the effects of radiation on molecules and cells, and the consequences of these effects as seen in human tissues.
  • Outline the physiological basis, symptoms, and causes of death of each of the three acute radiation syndromes, and of the situation of a severe localized radiation injury.
  • Distinguish between deterministic and stochastic long-term effects of radiation, and describe specific effects in each category.
  • Outline the radiation hormesis theory and discuss the implications for occupationally exposed persons and for our societal understanding of radiation.
  • Delineate sources of radiation exposure among the general population and synthesize responses to questions about concerns regarding radiation.
  • Analyze media characterizations of the effects of radiation and discriminate between statements consistent with the science of radiation biology and statements that exaggerate or otherwise misrepresent radiation's effects.