NUTR& 101 Nutrition • 5 Cr.


Study of human nutrition and health. Topics include digestion, absorption and processing nutrients in the body; chemistry and functions of the major nutrients: carbohydrates, fat, protein; vitamin and mineral functions; food, culture and diet, energy balance, diet and metabolism; fitness and health; nutrition of the life cycle, food safety and local and world hunger issues. Prerequisite: BIOL& 160 or CHEM& 121, or concurrent enrollment in BIOL& 160. Previously NUTR 130. Either NUTR 130 or NUTR& 101 may be taken for credit, but not both.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe a healthy diet in the context of current scientific evidence and cultural (social, ethnic, religious, etc.) health and diet patterns.
  • Explain the uses and limitations of the various dietary reference intakes (DRI) for human nutrition.
  • Conduct and evaluate a current nutritional status self-analysis.
  • Explain how micro and macro nutrients function in digestion, absorption and elimination in the human body.
  • Explain how diet and exercise impact human health.
  • Explain the types of eating disorders their health impacts.
  • Discuss the importance and value of food safety and the main types and functions of food additives.
  • Discuss food scarcity, impact and solutions in relation to local and global hunger