OCEA& 101 Introduction to Oceanography w/ Lab • 6 Cr.


Introduces physical and chemical oceanography, marine biology, and plate tectonics. Students also discuss environmental issues. Format includes lab work and/or field studies. Fulfills laboratory science course requirement at BC.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Enumerate and describe key historic milestones in the development of the science of oceanography.
  • Describe the processes that have shaped, and continue to shape the seafloor, including plate tectonics and sedimentation.
  • Describe the processes that have shaped, and continue to shape coastlines and beaches.
  • Define the terms temperature, salinity, and density, and diagram the normal vertical profiles of these variables in the ocean.
  • Summarize the major forces that produce ocean currents, waves, and tides, and be able to describe the resultant water motions.
  • Explain the concepts of energy and matter flow through marine ecosystems, including trophic pyramids and food webs.
  • Explain the concept of the marine biological community, and describe the types of species interactions that take place in such communities.
  • Analyze the impact of human activities, historically and currently, on ocean ecosystems.