OLS 122 Personal Finance III • 2 Cr.


Third course in the personal finance series. Students participate in hands-on activities including creating and using their own budget and balancing accounts. Examines use of credit cards, money scams, and paycheck information. Focus is on applying personal money management knowledge in real and simulated situations to improve how to view and handle money. Prerequisite: OLS 120, 121 and Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Compile a self-reflective spending journal Describe practical and effective ways to improve personal money management and personal relationship to money Identify and describe current money scams in Washington State and nationwide, and present steps to decrease one's vulnerability to such scams Analyze personal use of money using a personal monthly budget throughout the quarter Create and maintain a basic personal budget using computer software programs From the spending journal analyze personal spending habits and formulate goals as they relate to personal finances Discuss SSI, Trust Funds, Section VIII housing and other funding students might be receiving Identify and discuss payroll information, including direct deposit and current payroll tax information Discuss use of credit cards; including how interest rates are figured, fees, penalties and how to avoid misuse