OLS 124 Environment & Our Community II • 2 Cr.


Second in a three course series. Continues to builds awareness of the Puget Sound by engaging students in the pressing issues facing our communities. Prerequisite: OLS 123 and acceptance to the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define community and identify communities that you belong to
  • Identify the key events in American history that have led to increased community participation in environmental issues
  • Define and discuss environmental justice
  • Identify, record, and map environmental community assets
  • Examine environmental problems in your local area and identify the corresponding communities that face them
  • Explore how different communities have addressed environmental problems in their neighborhoods and compare the results
  • Define what roles different parties play in addressing specific environmental problems
  • Collaborate on a local environmental issue
  • Recommend potential community-oriented solutions to the problem