OLS 134 Social Change in America • 2 Cr.


Students examine cases of social change to understand how and why change occurs. Students identify and issue and make a plan to initiate or continue with others toward social change in their community. Prerequisite: OLS 111, 113, 114 and Acceptance into the program. Course is graded Credit/No Credit.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Define characteristics of social change
  • Identify the underlying causes and basis for social change
  • Identify the means that various groups take to achieve social change
  • Identify factors that can inhibit social change
  • Compare causes, goals, and outcomes of significant movements in America
  • Apply outcomes of social change movements to personal experiences
  • Compare and discuss accounts and perspectives of people engaged in social change
  • Evaluate local issues and identify ways to perform social change around issues
  • Develop a plan to create change around an identified local issue
  • Organize and carry out a service project around an identified local issue