OLS 171 Self Determination in the Workplace • 2 Cr.


Presents methods for advocating for yourself in a professional environment during an interview, how to ask for accommodations, and ask for help as needed. Includes interviewing skills both in group and one on one situations. Covers basic knowledge of ADA, labor laws, unions, and OSHA. Prerequisite: OLS 106, 111, 170, 174, and Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Advocate for personal accommodation with professionalism.
  • Research internship resources available through Bellevue College, LinkedIn and other online websites.
  • Collect data and present information for one community resource that provides assistance for obtaining a job (i.e. WorkSource, DVR, BC Career Center).
  • Re-establish and maintain communication with 3 to 5 key contacts from student's network.
  • Articulate your skills, strengths and reason why you should be hired.
  • Demonstrate the ability to participate collaboratively during a team activity.
  • Describe in general terms ADA, general labor laws, unions, and OSHA.
  • Discuss workplace disclosure including the pros and cons of disclosing in employment.
  • Discuss personal career path as it relates to personal strengths, values, and work skills that support this pathway.