OLS 172 Workplace Problem Solving • 2 Cr.


Applies problem solving techniques and strategies to various workplace situations to help students handle any difficulties. Also covers resumes, cover letters and job searching techniques. Prerequisite: OLS 106, 111, 174 and Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Discuss and compare different approaches to problem solving that can be used to resolve common workplace problems.
  • Analyze a workplace problem and utilize a learned problem solving technique to outline the process for creating and implementing a solution.
  • Discuss problem solving strategies to handle anger and frustration in a workplace situation.
  • Create updated version of resume and cover letter.
  • Demonstrate professionalism during interviews including speaking clearly and answering questions asked.
  • Establish and maintain communication with 3 to 5 key contacts from student's network.
  • Utilize LinkedIn groups and discussion boards.
  • Articulate personal work related Dependable Strengths