PE 106 Beginning Golf • 1 Cr.


Introduces basic skills and techniques of golf. Students practice grip, stance, swing, use of various clubs, rules, scoring, and the etiquette of the game.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Encourage lifelong activity through greater interest and learning in the game of golf.
  • To establish a foundation of basic knowledge and skill which will enable the student to go out and play a round of golf.
    • Basic grips for regular shots and putting
    • Establishing proper stance and posture consistently
    • A¬†swing that promotes consistent solid contact
    • Course management: use of visual feedback from the course design to manage what type of shot to play.
    • understanding how equipment affects the shot.
    • common etiquette essential to appropriate on course behavior
Develop an understanding of the musculature and body mechanics used in performing sport skills Become engaged in an activity which enhances physical fitness