PE 223 Fundamentals of Baseball • 3 Cr.


Introduces teaching, coaching, and playing techniques for baseball. Students focus on current concepts, materials, and skills development and gain practical experience in fundamental skills. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • To gain an understanding of specific skills in pitching, catching, middle infield play, corner play, or outfield play, depending on particular position.
  • To apply the skills of above in a practical situation (i.e. scrimmage competition).
  • To gain an understanding of hitting fundamentals which include but are not limited to: balance, short stroke, swing plane, contact zone hitting.
  • To apply the techniques of above in order to learn situational hitting (i.e. advancing the runner) in a competition setting (i.e. against live pitching).
  • To develop an understanding of the movement foundations which form the basis for various baseball skills. 
  • To identify several methods of practicing sport-specific skills.
  • To gain an understanding of basic offensive and defensive situational philosophy.