PHIL 247 Philosophy in Literature • 5 Cr.


Study of philosophical issues expressed in works of world literature. Themes may include the possibility of knowledge, the nature of evil, aesthetic experience, the rationality of religious belief, contemporary moral problems, or identity.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify important philosophical schools of thought as found in literature.
  • Identify different forms of arguments for philosophical positions as found in literature.
  • Articulate the positions of the related philosophical schools of thought.
  • Articulate and express the philosophical positions of a literary author.
  • Discriminate between one's own position and an author's position on the issue in question.
  • Apply analytic principles (e.g., inductive and deductive reasoning skills) to evaluating an author's position.
  • Formulate a position of one's own on the basis of one's analyses of an author's position.