PHIL 267 Introduction to Philosophy of Religion • 5 Cr.


Studies philosophical issues affecting the understanding of religion. Students assess the rationality of religious beliefs, miracles, and the existence of God.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Formulate, clarify, and evaluate arguments.
  • Recognize and use basic philosophic vocabulary (e.g., "omniscience," "Natural Law Theory," "agnosticism").
  • Explain and evaluate classic arguments for and against the existence of God.
  • Analyze relevant philosophic concepts such as immortality, Nirvana, or Brahman.
  • Identify, distinguish, and explain the different schools of thought in Philosophy of Religion (e.g., natural theology, natural atheology, agnosticism, pragmatism).
  • Explain how the philosophers studied in class affect and are affected by their historical era and culture.