POLS 175 Contemporary Global Issues • 5 Cr.


Explores a number of current global issues that have generated tensions and controversy and often placed the U.S. in opposition to world opinion, including nuclear non-proliferation, global warming, the problem of torture, and humanitarian intervention. The role of the United Nations and international law are examined within the framework of national sovereignty and self-interest.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Understand key concepts in international politics, such as sovereignty, self interest, governance and institutionalization.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the institutions which enhance debate and resolution of global issues and conflicts.
  • Understand the constraints which national sovereignty and self interest place on effective resolution of international problems.
  • Demonstrate increased capacity to utilize multiple available resources to examine and analyze contemporary global issues.
  • Show increased understanding of the issues and constraints which hamper international conflict resolution.
  • Display accurate knowledge of specific global issues covered in the course and be able to suggest possible resolutions.