POLS 206 International Human Rights • 5 Cr.


This course focuses on the global movement to fight injustice and promote human rights. The course?s primary objectives are to enhance student understanding of international human rights violations and to empower students to be change-agents in the struggle to bring greater justice and security to people around the world.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Identify and trace major historical events in the development of international human rights from the end of World War II to the present
  • Describe the significance of different components of international human rights, including declarations, agreements, conventions, treaties, customary norms, advocacy groups, etc.
  • Critically examine the role of human rights in international relations and American foreign policy Articulate, value, and assess different theoretical, national, and cultural perspectives related to human rights
  • Identify major international human rights violations and articulate creative solutions in response to these violations
  • Communicate effectively orally and in writing regarding international human rights issues and the role of state and non-state actors in human rights promotion and protection