RADON 101 Principles of Dose Calculation • 4 Cr.


Explores principles and methods for calculation of treatment times in administering radiation therapy treatments. Prerequisite: Acceptance into program.


Prerequisite: Acceptance into the program.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Analyze the purpose of the radiation therapy prescription
  • Compare and contrast a radiation therapy prescription to a general medical prescription
  • Apply specific geometric figures to radiation therapy applications
  • Apply specific trigonometry functions to radiation therapy applications
  • Identify the factors included in basic monitor unit calculations
  • Compare the information included in specific radiation therapy beam data tables
  • Apply mathematical interpolation and extrapolation models to beam data tables
  • Apply the beam data tables for basic monitor unit calculations
  • Evaluate potential sources or errors in calculations for patient treatments
  • Calculate a monitor unit setting within 2% accuracy of a computer calculation