RAIM 301 Essentials of Imaging & Therapy • 5 Cr.


Covers different modalities within the radiology and radiation therapy fields including terminology, equipment, procedures, safety issues, staffing and economics. Emphasis is on understanding the modality from an administrative standpoint. Students complete five modules in modalities in which they are not certified. This course is intended to meet the degree requirements of the Technology, Nuclear Medicine, and Diagnostic Medical Sonography concentrations of the Radiation & Imaging Sciences program. Prerequisites: BIOL&241 and BIOL&242, or equivalent, with a C (2.0) or better and admission to the Radiation & Imaging Sciences program, or permission of the Program Chair.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe in layman's terms the equipment used to create images and/or treat patients in the modality, and employ terminology used within the modality.
  • Analyze how modalities work together in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical issues. 
  • Outline the modalities needed and the flow of the modalities, based on a specific medical issue.
  • Examine staffing considerations (workload), job performance, patient care, patient and worker safety issues (including ancillary workers).
  • Review costs, revenue, regulatory, and accreditation issues for each modality.
  • Synthesize aspects of all radiologic imaging modalities and radiation therapy from an administrative perspective.