RAIT 325 Mammography • 5 Cr.


Preparation for certification by the ARRT in mammography. In addition to didactic education, the course includes laboratory sessions in a Mammography department. This course is intended to meet the degree requirements of the Technology concentration of the Radiation & Imaging Sciences program and requires ARRT(R) credential. Prerequisites: Admission to the Radiation & Imaging Sciences program or permission of the Program Chair.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe the pertinent components of mammography equipment and their respective role in imaging
  • Examine the changes in the quantity and quality of radiation produced with manipulation of technical factors
  • Evaluate image quality relative to the technical factors used, the anatomy of the breast, and pathologic conditions
  • Evaluate required quality control procedures, and interpret the results of those tests
  • Relate the quality control findings to image quality
  • Identify normal anatomy and physiology of the breast and describe the effects of pathology on the images
  • Describe the role of the technologist in patient education