RAIT 344 Sonographer Vascular Technology • 3 Cr.


Designed to provide didactic preparation for ARDMS certified sonographers for advanced level certification in vascular technology. Content covers all areas included in the specialty exam offered by the ARDMS. This course is intended to meet the degree requirements of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography concentration of the Radiation & Imaging Sciences program. Prerequisites: Admission into the Radiation & Imaging Sciences Program or permission of the Program Chair.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Describe and identify on images pertinent cerebrovascular, venous, peripheral arterial, and abdominal/visceral anatomy, physiology, and hemodynamics
  • Identify and explain the mechanisms of disease
  • Describe patient signs and symptoms for vascular pathologies
  • Identify proper sonographic testing for vascular studies to include equipment used, patient positioning, technique, interpretation, and limitations
  • Describe vascular radiographic MR and CT diagnostic procedures and identify their interpretations and limitations
  • Identify possible patient treatments for pathologies
  • Describe appropriate patient follow-up for sonographic procedures
  • Explain possible sonographic applications for alternate condition and/or tests
  • Apply imaging principles and vascular physics to image quality
  • Apply statistical analysis for quality assurance testing of equipment and patient safety