RAIT 445 Advanced Vascular Sonography • 3 Cr.


Designed to provide didactic preparation for ARDMS certification in vascular sonography. Includes all areas covered in the specialty exam, with an emphasis on hemodynamics and pathology. The course will provide in-depth knowledge of topics of vascular sonography and specialty vascular laboratories. This course is intended to meet the degree requirements of the Diagnostic Medical Sonography concentration in the Radiation and Imaging Sciences program. Prerequisites: admission to the Radiation and Imaging Sciences program and completion of RAIT 344, or permission of the program chair.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Outline and detail the specifics of specialty vascular sonography examinations including, peripheral arterial, peripheral venous, abdominal arterial and abdominal venous examinations. 
  • Articulate the use of sonographic techniques in examinations such as transcranial Doppler, venous insufficiency, upper extremity venous mapping and hemodialysis access. 
  • Interpret images in situations of advanced vascular pathology and determine when additional images are necessary for treatment planning.   
  • Outline the intraoperative use of ultrasonography, for procedures including endarterectomy, bypass grafting, hemodialysis access and new endovascular techniques.   
  • Give examples of the use of ultrasonography for post-operative surveillance and identify common post-surgical complications, for peripheral, abdominal, and visceral interventional procedures. 
  • Outline the use of vascular ultrasound to aid in therapeutic procedures such as venous ablation. 
  • Analyze sonographic images in case presentations and recommend additional images and/or next steps.