RATEC 103 Principles of Radiographic Exposure • 4 Cr.


Examines the application and analysis of concepts in manipulation of technique to maximize image quality while maintaining ALARA. Topics include: applying mathematical concepts to solve multiple technique variables, analyzing imaging scenarios for dose and image quality factors, and employing key concepts in image acquisition and display.


After completing this class, students should be able to:

  • Relate manipulation of technical factors to the operation of the x-ray tube and the production of x-rays.
  • Define filtration, identify the legal requirements, and discuss the effect of it on the primary beam.
  • Describe potential interactions of x-ray with matter.
  • Explain HIS , RIS and PACS and their respective uses in a medical center.
  • Vary technical factors to achieve image quality and demonstrate ALARA given various imaging scenarios.
  • Identify elements that effect image quality factors.
  • Compare and contrast various image receptors.
  • Describe structure and function of image receptors components.
  • Differentiate among the types of image acquisition systems.
  • Define key elements in image display.
  • Discuss personal responsibilities for correctly marking images, maintaining personal repeat rates, and preventing artifacts.
  • Identify ethical considerations associated with technology superseding knowledgeable application of the digital imaging capabilities