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Robotics and Artifical Intelligence

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ROBAI 101 Intro to Robotics & Artificial Intelligence • 5 Cr.

This course provides an overview of robotics. Topics include an interactive review of statistics, machine learning, AI, a review of python programming, security, and data. Students apply techniques learned to robotic devices and utilize 3D printing concepts. Prerequisite: Placement by assessment into MATH& 141 or completion of MATH 099 with a C or better, or the equivalent course from another college, and PROG 110 (with Python) with a C or better.

ROBAI 240 Programming for Machine Learning • 5 Cr.

Machine learning is a powerful tool used to solve complex problems. Learn to prepare and analyze complex structured and unstructured datasets. Develop models that make predictions and create systems that can be "trained," adapt and improve with experience. Apply an object-oriented programming language to implement machine learning algorithms and models. Prerequisite: PROG 260 with a C or better.

ROBAI 250 Additive Design & Manufacturing • 5 Cr.

This project-based course introduces the design and analysis of additive design in the context of robotics. Topics include design/testing methodologies and tools. Students design, implement, and evaluate prototypes using additive manufacturing technologies. Prerequisite: PROG 260 and ENGR& 114, both with a C or better.

ROBAI 260 Computer Vision in Control Systems • 5 Cr.

Introduction to computer vision, including the fundamentals of sensing and perception, image formation and representation, image analysis, pattern recognition and representation, motion analysis, and object and scene recognition. Students use equipment to build simple vision systems and apply these systems to controlling robot behavior and motion. Prerequisite: ROBAI 240 and PROG 260, both with a C or better.