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American Sign Language

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ASL& 121 American Sign Language I • 5 Cr.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
1404 A Richard Mangan DAILY, 8:30am-9:20am in N206
1405 B Richard Mangan DAILY, 9:30am-10:20am in N206
1406 C Tanja Bierschneider DAILY, 12:30pm-1:20pm in N206
1407 D Tanja Bierschneider MW, 2:30pm-4:40pm in N206
1408 E Richard Mangan TTh, 2:30pm-4:40pm in N206
1409 F Dimitri Azadi MW, 5:30pm-7:40pm in N206

ASL& 122 American Sign Language II • 5 Cr.

Recommended: ASL& 121.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
1415 A Richard Mangan DAILY, 11:30am-12:20pm in N206

ASL& 221 American Sign Language IV • 5 Cr.

Recommended: ASL& 123 with a C- or better or permission of instructor.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
1418 A Richard Mangan DAILY, 10:30am-11:20am in N206
1419 B Toby Welch TTh, 5:30pm-7:40pm in N206