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Political Science

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POLS& 101 Introduction to Political Science • 5 Cr.

Fee: $52.50 eLearning Fee.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
5340 OAS Christina Sciabarra Online

POLS& 202 American Government • 5 Cr.

Fee: $52.50 eLearning Fee.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
5343 OAS Clifford Cawthon Online

POLS 204 Introduction to Comparative Politics • 5 Cr.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
5348 A Leena Shah Arranged in D110
Class ends 7/30. Program Dates Depart U.S. Monday July 1st, 2019 Arrive London Tuesday 2nd, July 2019 Depart London July 30th, 2019 POLS 204, Comparative Politics is a 5-credit class that compares different political units and systems. How do societies and cultures organize their political, economic, and social lives? This course, with its emphasis on the U.K., will examine the differences between a Parliamentary and a Presidential system. Students will attend a session of the Parliament and watch the question time of the British Prime Minister. A visit to a local school and a health clinic will also be included. Each week we will focus on a specific area of study related to the U.K. and U.S. Students will reflect on Brexit and USMCA. Outside of classes which will be held in the heart of London, you will have the opportunity to explore and discover the city through organized field trips. If you have questions please feel free to contact your instructor.