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OCEA& 101 Introduction to Oceanography w/ Lab • 6 Cr.

Fulfills laboratory science course requirement at BC. Fee $48.00 science lab.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
3912 A Marina Halverson MWF, 11:30am-1:20pm in S210
F, 1:30pm-2:20pm in S210
3914 B Marina Halverson MWF, 2:30pm-4:20pm in S210
M, 4:30pm-5:20pm in S210
3916 OAS Gwyneth Jones Online

OCEA 110 Environmental Oceanography • 5 Cr.

Same as ENVS 110. Either OCEA 110 or ENVS 110 may be taken for credit, not both. Fulfills a natural science course requirement at BC .

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room
3922 A Kent Short DAILY, 9:30am-10:20am in B262