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Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies combines the study of several subjects into one integrated course or "learning community," usually for ten or more credits. Each IDS course features a theme that forms a common thread across disciplines. The focus of these courses is you. Students learn with each other and from each other by discussing readings in small groups (seminars), taking part in group activities, and, in some courses, by taking field trips. These programs emphasize the process of learning as well as course content. The student centered, discussion-oriented format encourages and supports different points of view and creates a social climate that promotes collaborative learning.

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INTER 180 The Art and Science of Dreams • 10 Cr.

Dreams have long fascinated both scientists and artists alike. This 10-credit interdisciplinary course will approach the mystery of dreaming from the duel perspectives of psychology and creative writing. Students will study classic and modern takes on dream science behind while learning to become more spellbinding storytellers. Earn 10 credits from ENGL 237 (5 cr), ENGL 238 (5 cr) or ENGL 239 (5 cr) and PSYC 109 (5 cr).

Fee: $22.00 lab.

Item # Section Instructor Day(s), Times, Room Books Seats available
0600 A Daniel Tremaglio
Carol Anderson
MTWTh, 12:30pm-2:40pm in R110A
MTWTh, 12:30pm-2:40pm in R110B
view required books/supplies 42 refreshed